The Straw Cottage

eco-accommodation and growing experiments on a small scale


These are the main issues that I hope to consider in more detail over the course of this blog. I will try to revisit these subjects many times as I widen my understanding;

  • crop      yields
  • nutritional      value of food
  • soil      quality
  • biodiversity

I also hope to explore the possibility of a food production system with

  • NO      genetic modification
  • NO      chemicals
  • NO      artificial fertilisers
  • much      REDUCED waste
  • much      REDUCED carbon emissions and
  • much      REDUCED use of fossil fuels?

And other related issues such as

  • local      food production
  • rural      re population
  • rural      employment
  • resilience      to climate and economic changes
  • skills/training/research      and
  • the appropriate      use of modern technology?

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