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I need to lose two stone. In the couple of months before Christmas, I lost 8 pounds on the 5:2 diet. Two days a week (usually Monday and Wednesday or Thursday) I ate only 500 calories. It’s tough but I find it much easier than dieting 7 days a week! On my diet days I have a boiled egg for breakfast, tinned salmon or tuna with a bit of salad for dinner and a bit of meat and green veg for tea. No great hardship really. I’m hungry but I tell myself it will soon be tomorrow when I can enjoy a fried egg, mushrooms and tomato on wholemeal toast for breakfast! On the non-fasting five days I try to avoid processed food and try to limit bread to breakfast. I lost a stone this way last winter. The 8 pounds I have just lost are the ones I put back on over the summer when I let things slip again. Oh, it’s such a constant battle!

I have a couple of friends following a paleo diet. They eat the foods our caveman ancestors would have access to 10,000 years ago – free range meat, seafood, fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. I can understand the principle – this is the diet we evolved to eat.

Caveman faced obvious danger out hunting or fighting territorial battles. We face more subtle danger everywhere we turn these days – sugar, gluten and other lovely chemicals purporting to be “food”, lining the shelves wherever we go!

However, I need to think a while about a paleo diet in the context of mainly locally grown food with a few imported luxuries. More on this and 5:2 later……………… the meantime I need to book in 2 diet days next week!