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My experiments in vegetable growing

I’ve been growing vegetables in raised beds on my front lawn at Barmby Grange (BG) for a couple of years. I never use chemicals or artificial fertilisers on my crops and I do all the work by hand or with small tools. In 2013 I acquired a new plot in addition – previously a grass field. During the winter months I devised planting plans for the new plot at Village Farm (VF) and a variety of experiments – most of which involved weighing the resultant produce.

Spring 2013 was very late coming. The land was so cold and wet. It soon became apparent that I had far too many ideas given the time now available for land preparation and planting!

Nevertheless, I did manage to grow some crops over the summer and I will share my harvest results in posts over the next few weeks.

A cold, wet spring 2013

A cold, wet spring 2013